Hair Restoration Clinic




UI/UX Design, 
Custom WordPress development, 
and SEO optimization


The Challenge

Atlantis Medical clinic Melbourne Australia is the brainchild of Dr. Vikram Jayaprakash, the leading hair restoration expert in Australia. Dr.Vikram Jayaprakash is a board-certified hair restoration surgeon with over a decade worth of experience in hair transplant surgery in both Australia and New Zealand. Dr. Vikram is the founder and co-host of 'The Hair Loss Show' YouTube channel. The show is a first of its kind and has garnered over 50,000 subscribers and over 6 Million views. For his new clinic, he wanted an aesthetically beautiful website that would be able to pull in premium customers to his clinic


In-depth Audit &  Competative   Research

For defining our scope of work, we started out with competitive research. The hair restoration market in Australia was a tough nut to crack as there was some big name already in the market. We recognized that in order to get the trust of the premium customers, we need to create a visually beautiful website without compromising on SEO guidelines. We also found some search keywords, if ranked correctly, could give the website the initial momentum it requires after launch.


Defining scope & Milestone setup

No tricks. Just strategy: We first broke down the project into simpler milestones.

Creation of the Site structure

Wireframe design

UI/UX Development

Web development

SEO Optimization Launch 


Strategic Implementation 

This section is where all the magic happens.

1 .

Creation of the Site structure 

A proper site structure enables both users as well as search engines to navigate easily through the website. Based on the requirement and competitive research we made on for Atlantis.
2. Wireframe design

Upon finalizing the wireframe, our UX ninjas came out to play. The wireframe was made with three things in mind : Simple, elegant, & intuitive

3. UI/UX Development

The process started with selecting a design style for the website. Our team prepared three design styles; we named them medium, mild and spicy.

From this, Dr. Jayparakash  chose the Mild one. The design style selected made the website as intuitive and effortless as possible.

During the UI/UX sprints, the clients were given multiple reviews session to make the website correlate with the dream of Dr. Jayaparakash.

4. Web development

Once the UI/UX was done, kickass tour coders turned the design into code. The platform was made on WordPress.

5. SEO Optimization 

Our team of SEO masters followed SEO best practices to make the website appear when people searched. This sprint included a research phase where keywords with lower difficulty and higher volume were identified.SEO growth Hacks were used to rank the website fast on sera h engines.SEO steps such as on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and Link building were also done. Since the website was to be ranked locally in Melbourne, 100+citation was created from niche Australian listing websites.