Our story 

Every Superhero has a 

origin story, so do we

AcuteAngle is a Kerala-based bootstrapped startup providing solutions in verticals such a Design, Growth, and Code. AcuteAngle envisions itself to become an accelerator for startups and businesses.The team consist of a group of Engineers turned designers, marketers, and developers. Over the course of  1 year from founding, Acuteangle has managed to Attract several clients based in India and overseas.
Our vision

A startup for startups


To develop and nurture the success of individuals and organizations by providing proven innovative solutions for addressing challenges, thereby enhancing their brand, reputation, and human capital.

"Marketing That speaks, Design that understands and product  that sells"

Our Services

future is ours 

The future we intent to create 

AcuteAngle is more than just a service company. AcuteAngle intent to create three subsidiaries under our parent company.

Growth is for action takers like you, Let's start with  step One